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Welcome to the updated web site for (herein 'BI.C and/or'), your Internet leader for international bank introductions, providing counsel on global banking strategies and currency research. Here at, we remain excited about the continued launch of our main business unit, that of providing international bank introductions and specialists in currency consulting. In the meantime complimentary of BI.C, all of our web site visitors can scroll through the BI.C Currency Index and currency conversion rates. Please check back often for the latest BI.C rankings on the world's currencies and BI.C invites you to stay current on the world's exchange rates - click the currency conversion icon buttons below for the latest rates.

Global Perspective

The majority of people today wherever they may reside in the world have virtually all of their banking, investments, real estate, jobs, pensions to name a few within their home country, the very same currency and banking region. That's quite a gamble on your financial livelihood! At BI.C, it is our goal to change that view to a global vision. By establishing your banking and investments through global banking strategies of diversifying your monies in sound banks in different banking regions, you can protect your wealth and best of all, take advantage of international investment opportunities. The value of currencies change, interest rates fluctuate, the inevitable threat of inflation or deflation, laws for taxation and regulations come and go with the government of the day. What is amazing is the naivety of many people who take for granted the soundness of their bank. Many banks and other financial institutions throughout the world on any given day go insolvent wiping out their depositors. Take action and visit the contents of this BI.C web site!


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