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Check out the latest information on banking and currency news. Currency Index.

The Currency Index has in depth information on individual countries and their currencies from around the world!

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An important disclaimer, please read

Welcome to (herein ''), your Internet leader for currency research and international bank introductions. Our firm provides a bank recommendations consulting service for those individuals and businesses seeking to open U.S. bank accounts. We also provide bank introductions services for Switzerland plus other banking regions.   In addition, we also can provide counsel on global banking strategies to help mitigate currency risk exposure.


Here at, from our extensive independent currency research, we have the ability to supply alternative currency opinions on projected currency forecasts, important macro economic variables and vital impact trends for the country in question. Our interest is focused on the study of a large number of the world's currencies including majors such as US dollar, Euroland euro, Japanese yen, China renminbi, British pound sterling, Australian dollar, etc. to help both individuals and companies to make informed banking decisions to potentially minimize large currency variance exposure.

We have also invested significant research into secondary currencies outside the majors such as countries like Colombia, Venezuela, Peru, Taiwan, Brazil, Russia, Vietnam and South Africa to name just a handful. We also have taken the time to investigate currency zones such as the Euroland euro, CFA Franc and the East Caribbean dollar. In fact, over the last 18 years, we have accumulated significant research and knowledge into the majority of the world's trading currencies along with many of the world's banking systems.

Coupled with currency research, we have also diligently taken significant time to study regional banking systems and the banking enterprises that service it. Our firm has also come quite familiar with a wide array of banking & financial products available to a worldwide clientele from top tier global banking conglomerates offering wealth management services to smaller domestic banks and even to smaller family held banks such as private Swiss banks.

It is this unique knowledge of currency risk exposure and global banking solutions that we seek to help both individuals and companies take advantage of these opportunities to mitigate currency risk exposure. Our firm is not in the business of providing counsel on how to take advantage of bank secrecy or how to avoid taxation via complex structure such as trusts or tiny offshore locales offering the false premise of secrecy. In our view, there is significant upside in the knowledge of hedging your wealth, protecting the exchange valuation of corporate assets by taking advantage of properly allocating assets within sound currencies of the day. In fact, we strongly believe in reporting of all monies for taxation purposes but with intelligent banking products and decisions, one can realize prudent gains via the use of stable foreign currencies and sound banking institutions.

A final comment on currencies. The price valuation of currencies can change dramatically even within the majors as noticed with the Euroland euro (years 2013 to 2017) with significant exchange rate depreciation, the crash of British pound sterling with the BREXIT vote in 2016 and the dramatic exchange volatility experienced with the Japanese yen most recently in year 2016 with rapid appreciation to breach the 100 USD level. The study of currencies encompasses an extensive research of a large number of economic, policy and political factors. Some of these include the analysis of fluctuations in interest rates, the on-going threats of inflation or deflation, macro economic variables including current account & fiscal account positions, national energy production & consumption, the level of political stability, regional analysis & trade relationships, historical exchange rates & cyclicality patterns, the laws for taxation and regulations / policies that come and go with the government of the day.

Protect yourself and / or your business, take extra time to learn the impact of currency valuations. At, it is our knowledge on currencies that we provide counsel for global banking strategies to help individuals and companies to mitigate currency risk exposure thru properly obtaining bank accounts and/ or other sophisticated financial/ investment products in sound currencies of the day within different banking regions available to a worldwide clientele.


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