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Country / Currency
Very Safe
LIBYA dinar (LYD)
61 à
With the removal of economic sanctions, Libya is now playing catch up to years of missed opportunities. As a regional hydrocarbon rich nation supplying Western Europe with energy, Libya located in North Africa is well positioned to capture prosperity.

But how has the LYD performed and what about the future for this oil rich nation?

For an updated summary on the developments impacting the Libyan dinar, please click the flag below. Thanks for visiting the currency index.

UPDATED: August 9, 2007

ß 88
Nestled in between Switzerland and Austria, Liechtenstein is a rich country. National currency is the neighboring Swiss franc as Liechtenstein’s economy and banking system is highly integrated with the much larger wealthy Switzerland.

For further general information on Liechtenstein, please click the national flag below. Thanks for reading.
UPDATED: January 12, 2005

ß 75
For a brief snapshot summary including economic statistics, currency, currency history and currency forecast, please click the Lithuanian flag below. Thank you for visiting
UPDATED: February 7, 2006

MACAU pataca (MOP)

76 à
The Chinese region of Macau is only a one hour trip to Hong Kong via hydrofoil, it is a wealthy, free liberalized economy. On December 19, 1999, China took control of the Macau colony after 450 years under Portuguese rule. With the handover, similar to Hong Kong, Macau will become a special administrative region. The colony will follow China’s, ‘one country, two systems’ policy, however, Macau has been granted 50 years of autonomy to continue its free market capitalist lifestyle except in the area’s of foreign affairs and national defense. Major industries include Macau being a growing offshore banking centre, gambling is at the centre of its prosperity. The Macau pataca is pegged to the Hong Kong dollar at 1.03 MOP to 1 HKD. The pataca has been legal currency for Macau since year 1894, over 100 years. Since the Hong Kong dollar is pegged to the US-dollar (USD), Macau with its strong economy may experience appreciation pressures similar to both the Hong Kong dollar and China’s renminbi to the depreciating USD. Macau’s economy is sound with low inflation, high GDP growth rates and low unemployment. Mega billions are presently being invested into luxury gambling casinos and resorts similar to Las Vegas. Macau will be the number one gambling entertainment destination for Asia. Pataca exchange valuation on December 2, 2006 was recorded at 8.100 MOP to the USD and/or 10.68 MOP to the EUR.

UPDATED: December 2, 2006

ß 51
For a brief snapshot summary including economic statistics, currency, currency history and currency forecast, please click the Macedonian flag below. Thank you for visiting.
Updated: October 4, 2005

35 à
As one of the world’s poorest countries as measured by income, Madagascar has great potential. On the currency front, Madagascar has had turbulent times with tremendous currency debasement during the 1990’s as the economy made an initial transition to market principles. For a brief currency analysis of the events taking place within Madagascar, please click the flag below.

UPDATED: November 21, 2006

MALAWI kwacha (MWK)
ß 31
For a snapshot currency review of the Malawian kwacha as presented by, please click the flag below. Thanks for visiting.
UPDATED: June 19, 2006

MALAYSIA ringgit (MYR)
78 à
Malaysia has rebounded smartly from the Asian contagion financial crisis that enveloped in 1997-98. The USD currency peg that is in place for the ringgit has resulted in overall macro-economic stability and growing foreign exchange reserves for Malaysia.

Has the time now come to revalue or replace the currency peg for the Malaysian ringgit?

What other variables may force a new exchange rate regime for Malaysia?

For further information and a currency review of the Malaysian ringgit as presented by, please click the flag below. Thanks for visiting.
UPDATED: May 25, 2005

ß 46
For a brief discussion and currency review of the rufiyaa as subjectively presented by, please click the Maldives flag below. Thanks for visiting.
UPDATED: May 19, 2006

42 à
As a relatively small country in Africa, Mauritania is beginning to realize its natural resource wealth. Will the country successfully manage their resources or will they mismanage as have other African countries? Time will tell.

For a brief overview of Mauritania’s national currency, the ouguiya, please click their flag below. Thanks for reading.

UPDATED: September 15, 2006


ß 61
For a brief summary review of the Mauritian rupee as presented by, please click the flag below. Thanks for visiting and feel free to come back often.
UPDATED: May 19, 2006

63 à
Mexico today is a tale of two countries – one poor, rural and backwards while the other is rich, modern and urban. A free market economy that is a mix of modern and old industry. In year 1994-95, Mexico suffered an economic crisis known as the ‘Tequila Crisis’. The peso collapsed in valuation and was accordingly floated while the banking system was in a state of chaos. Mexico has since successfully gained relative currency stability, but what lies ahead for the nation’s future for currency use? And how has the MXN performed over the last few years in global purchasing power parity?

For a detailed currency review on the Mexican peso as presented by, please click the flag below. Thanks for visiting.
UPDATED: October 24, 2007

31 à
Republic of Moldova has an unfortunate large number of 80 percent (year 2001 estimate) of the total population living below the poverty line. Many Moldovans live within an agrarian economy framework, you eat what you grow. With the collapse of the Soviet Union and cold war (1989-91), Moldova has suffered badly economically since independence in 1991. The economy fell into a depression during most of the 1990’s with as many as 25 percent of the working adults having since left to work abroad. At present, the country is deeply divided both regionally and politically with an active separatist movement in the northeastern region of the country.

For a review of some of the key important developments that are occurring within Moldova and its relation to its national currency, the leu, please click the Moldovan flag below. Thank you for reading.
UPDATED: April 19, 2005

54 à
Powerful history for the Mongols of conquering its neighbors and claiming title to a huge Eurasian empire in the 13th century, then to lose sovereignty to this area as the empire disintegrated in the 14th century only to find Mongolia then ruled by the Chinese. Today as an independent nation with its fascinating history, Mongolia is now realizing the fact that it is living next door to two superpowers and that its economy is on the verge of fundamental change. Mongolia’s history of survival and fear from its neighbors may now be a blessing in disguise as they become major export markets for Mongolia’s new 21st economy.

For a review on the latest developments taking place within Mongolia and how it will impact its national currency, the Mongolian togrog, please click the flag below. Thank you for your consideration.
UPDATED: March 20, 2004

MOROCCO dirham (MAD)
69 à
Surprisingly, the Moroccan dirham has been a very stable currency over the last decade particularly during the 1990’s when economic performance was mediocre. However, privatization policies, trade liberalization and the country’s healthy foreign exchange reserve position have supported the dirham. In fact today, the dirham might be considered one of the most undervalued currencies in the world when analyzed on purchasing power parity.

For further information on the Moroccan dirham such as how new important industries that are presently embarking Morocco may provide the future pillar of currency stability. Please click the flag below for’s currency analysis, thank you in advance.
UPDATED: September 27, 2004

33 à
This Southern African country is moving forward after being held back by a devestating civil war from 1977-92 between the then Marxist FRELIMO government forces and the guerrilla rebels RENAMO. Many international groups and lenders including the World Bank have invested hundreds of millions of dollars into the rebirth of Mozambique.

Is economic success now on the horizon?

For a review of the developments that are taking place within Mozambique, please click the flag. Thanks for reading.
UPDATED: December 20, 2004

ß 21
Formerly known as Burma before the country name change to Myanmar in 1989, this Asian nation with a population of 43 million is currently encountering several challenges including that of mass poverty.

For a brief summary including information provided relating to the kyat’s currency, please click the flag below. Thank you for reading.
UPDATED: September 12, 2005

NAMIBIA dollar (NAD)
ß 51 is pleased to provide brief summary notes on Namibia and its’ currency the Namibian dollar. Please click the flag below for further details and feel free to come back and visit us often to stay up to date on global currency issues.
UPDATED: June 16, 2006

NEPAL rupee
53 à
A nation of much natural exquisite beauty and home to Mount Everest has imbedded itself with a surprising history of political instability and violence. This political turmoil continues today for this impoverished Himalayan kingdom. The last 2 years in particular have been very difficult for Nepal with royal tragedy, government forces at battle with Maoists rebels in the so-called “People’s War” coupled with the global economic slowdown and decline in international tourism.

But what about the Nepalese rupee, how is it performing amongst this confusion?

For a further discussion on the events taking place within Nepal as presented by, please click the flag below. Thank you in advance. UPDATED: January 20, 2003

ß 38
For a brief overview of the currency developments that are taking place within this Caribbean nation, please click the Antilles flag below. Thanks for visiting the currency index.
UPDATED: January 26, 2007

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61 à
New Caledonia is an overseas territory of France located in the South Pacific home to a population of 219,000. New Caledonia’s major industries consist of economic aid from France, military, tourism and nickel mining as the territory holds 25 percent of the world’s known nickel resources. The currency in circulation is called the ‘Comptoirs Francais du Pacifique francs’ which is pegged at a rate of 119.33 (XPF) to the Euroland euro (EUR). Historical exchange quotes include year 2005 at 95.89 XPF to the USD, 2004 at 96.04, 2003 at 105.66, 2002 at 126.71, 2001 at 133.26, 1997 at 106.11, 1995 at 90.75 and year 1993 at 102.96. For further details on the XPF currency, please visit ‘French Polynesia’ within this currency index.
UPDATED: November 23, 2006 Travel Expenses Calculator

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ß 65
The last 8 years for the New Zealand dollar (‘kiwi dollar’) has revealed the very cyclical nature in the great change in exchange valuations in relation to the US-dollar (‘USD’). During year 2000, the kiwi dollar hit all time lows as it fell 30 percent for the year, year 2001 was stable and by year 2002, the kiwi dollar was one of the world’s best performing currencies. From 2003 to 2008, the kiwi rallied reaching a peak valuation in March 2008 and has since declined in value.

Why the great cyclical fluctuation in exchange valuation?

Will the kiwi dollar stabilize with new growing exports markets in Asia for New Zealand’s valuable resource commodities?

For a detailed currency analysis on New Zealand as presented by, please click the flag below. Thank you for your consideration.
UPDATED: December 5, 2008

NICARAGUA gold cordoba (NIO)
ß 51
In 1990, inflation within Nicaragua reached an astounding 33,600 percent, the old Cordoba banknotes value were hyperinflated away. But what about its replacement currency, the gold Cordoba? How is it performing?

For a brief snapshot currency overview with research notes taking a look at economic statistics, currency, currency history and currency forecast, please click Nicaragua’s flag below. Thanks for reading.
UPDATED: January 12, 2006

62 à
Nigeria has had a long history of political instability and economic mismanagement mixed in as a country divided along ethnic and religious lines. With many inherent internal challenges, Nigeria is making significant gains both politically and economically.

Nigeria blessed with all of its oil wealth is presently one of the world’s largest oil exporters, mostly to markets in the United States. Is Nigeria’s economy currently booming with very high world oil prices? Is the Nigerian naira appreciating?

For a look at Nigeria and what the future may hold for its national currency, the naira, please click the flag below. Thank you in advance.
UPDATED: June 23, 2008

NORWAY krone (NOK)

ß 89
The Norwegian kroner has had quite an appreciation run versus the US-dollar (USD) since year 2000. The booming oil and natural gas markets is providing for signficant windfall earnings to the nationalized Government State Petroleum fund which manages the nation’s energy monies.

But what about the long term future for Norway when hydrocarbon reserves get depleted? Is Norway getting close to the end of the energy revenue bonanza? Will the krone then plunge in value?

For a review and currency discussion regarding the Norwegian krone, please click Norway’s flag below. Thank you for your consideration.
UPDATED: February 18, 2005

OMAN rial (OMR)

71 à
For a snapshot currency review of the Omani rial, please click the flag below. Thanks for visiting and feel free to visit back often to stay on top of the latest global currency issues.
UPDATED: June 19, 2006

ß 37
As a declared nuclear power in an era of global terrorism, Pakistan finds itself in a very interesting place in this world balancing both internal and external pressures. Along with the current global credit crisis empowering significant macro-economic risks, Pakistan also has internal domestic stability concerns from several fronts including the Taliban, Islamic extremists, etc. In addition, external security risks are prevalent with its long dispute with its immediate neighbor, nuclear armed India.

Present dangers are clear. Currency risk is indeed heightened with increased security risks from abroad and at home. But what about the Pakistani rupee, how is it performing amongst all this confusion?

For a discussion on the developments taking place in Pakistan, please click the flag below. Thank you for reading.

UPDATED: February 24, 2009

PANAMA dollar balboa (PAB, USD)

ß 65
Since independence from Colombia in 1903, the US-dollar (USD) has been the only legal tender paper banknote currency circulating in Panama. For a quick review on the balboa and US-dollarization for Panama, please click Panama’s flag below. Thank you for visiting.
UPDATED: January 16, 2006

47 à
The Papua New Guinean kina has had a turbulent currency history most notably during the 1990’s. From 1995 – 2002 where the national currency, the kina, has experienced one of the world’s worst currency crashes whereby the kina crashed in value from par to the US-dollar (‘USD’) to 19 US cents by October 2002.

The county’s dynamics are unfolding over two opposing polar forces which will help to shape Papua New Guinea’s future. Will the country finally find away to evolve economically from a prolong depression for many of its peoples? is please to provide an updated research currency review of the kina, thanks for visiting and please click the flag below.

UPDATED: November 13, 2009

PARAGUAY guarani
41 à
For the first time in many years, Paraguay is enjoying some economic success but the country has had a turbulent political history. Strategically located next door to large export markets particularly with Brazil, how is the guarani performing with these currency variables in play? is pleased to provide a snapshot currency review of Paraguay, please click the flag below for further information. Thanks for visiting.

UPDATED: January 11, 2008

PERU nuevo sol
70 à
Political management and currency stability have a very direct systematic relationship. This is no truer than in Peru. By the late 1980’s, hyperinflation won the battle. During the 1990’s, the leadership of former Peruvian President Fujimori implemented prudent policies that laid the groundwork for prosperity and relative currency stability. During the last decade, Peru’s economic performance has been quite impressive. What about its current political management? The same leader that brought hyperinflation to Peru is once again at the helm.

For a snapshot currency opinion on the Peruvian Nuevo Sol as presented by, please click Peru’s flag below. Thank you for your consideration.

UPDATED: May 23, 2009

64 à
During the 1950’s, the Philippines were one of Asia’s most exciting economies. Since then, 40 years of government mismanagement and crony capitalism took the country towards a downward spiral of economic malaise. Those Philippine families connected well to political power were rewarded tremendously while the masses were left behind.

The Philippines today has huge potential, the following detailed currency review will highlight some of these issues. Today, the Republic of the Philippines would be considered as a ‘lower-middle income’ country. President Gloria Arroyo’s vision is to create a modern Asian state for the Philippines, is quite optimistic and think it is defenitely feasible.

What will be the main drivers of this new economic boom for the Philippines? And what about the Philippine peso? The peso itself is down 50 percent in value versus the US-dollar (USD) since the 1997-98 Asian financial crisis meltdown. Further, the peso has not performed well in relation to the euro over the last 2 years. Will the fall continue or has the currency hit bottom?

For a currency opinion as presented by, please click the Philippines flag below. Thanks for reading.
UPDATED: February 18, 2005

ß 70
Platinum is a very rare precious metal most famous for its use in catalytic converters for emission control devices in the automobile industry. Today, South Africa is the world’s top producer. Recent exchange quote for platinum came in at 2076 USD per ounce (New York last on March 12, 2008). The price of platinum has been on a tear over the last year, March 2007 platinum valued at 1200 USD per ounce, January 2008 at 1550 USD. Historical quote has March 2003 at 700 USD per ounce.

UPDATED: March 12, 2008

POLAND zloty
60 à
As the largest candidate country for adoption of the Euroland euro (EUR), Poland is taking prudent steps to prepare for ERM2. For further details on Poland and its final steps towards integrating into the EUR common currency for much of Europe, please click the flag below for a discussion. Thank you in advance.

UPDATED: August 27, 2008

QATAR riyal (QAR)

77 à
For a brief snapshot currency overview with research notes taking a look at economic statistics, currency, currency history and currency forecast, please click Qatar’s flag below. Thank you for your consideration.

UPDATED: November 4, 2005

60 à
Romania’s national currency the leu has experienced tremendous volatile at different times throughout the country’s history. Has Romania finally turned the cover on this repeating story of sporadic currency instability?

Are better times ahead for Romania? Is a new economic partnership or currency on the horizon?

For further details and discussion on Romania’s economy, political and other developments impacting the leu, please click the flag below. Thank you for your consideration.
UPDATED: September 27, 2012

RUSSIA ruble
64 à
The ruble has performed well since 1998 when Russia then defaulted on $40 billion USD in domestic debt triggering a massive currency crash to the ruble. The Russian Federation is presently under the tight control of its strong semi-authoritarian leader President Vladimir Putin who is clamping down to the crony capitalism, outright corruption and capital flight that looted the nation during the 1990’s. Russia rich in oil and mineral resources is positioning itself for the 21st century to be a new modern wealthy nation. Ultimately, the winners will be the Russian people and the ruble, but many challenges lie ahead.

A power struggle is underway in Russia between a few of the very wealthy Russian oligarchs and the Kremlin. Who currently has the upper hand? Does political stability exist for Russia or will foreign investors be frightened by the recent developments that have taken place?

For a complete discussion on the developments impacting Russia’s national currency, the Russian ruble, please click the flag below. Thank you for your consideration.
UPDATED: April 8, 2004

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