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How SAFE is your CURRENCY?

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BI.C presents below a general overview ‘snapshot’ of a country’s currency under review. The BI.C currency index is updated frequently to ensure accuracy and credibility of contents. It is important to note that BI.C does undertake extensive research from a vast array of sources and BI.C does initiate current discussions with top analysts worldwide in order to get a clearer picture of the currency in question. All relevant information is subjectively inputted into the BI.C regression model to formulate a general score for visitors to the BI.C currency index. The BI.C regression model consists of 3 major sections each with equal weight under the categories of ‘POLITICAL’, ‘ECONOMIC’ AND ‘POLICY’. Each of these 3 sections is then subdivided into approximately 15 categories with differentiating weights. The BI.C regression model provides for a score from ‘0’ (dangerous - poor) to ‘100’ (very sound currency) based on the subjective ranking of each category prepared and ranked by BI.C staff. BI.C’s measure of ‘Currency Safeness’ is a subjective evaluation providing a ranking score that BI.C believes gives the reader a true representation of the currency under review. ‘Currency Safeness’ is the likelihood risk of a significant currency depreciation or currency collapse.


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How SAFE is your CURRENCY?

All information within this ( web site is provided “as is” without warranties, expressed or implied, or representations of any kind. To the fullest extent permissible under applicable law, ( will not be liable for the quality, accuracy, reliability, completeness or timeliness of this information, or for any direct, indirect, consequential, incidental, special or punitive damages that may arise out of the use of this information by you ‘the web site visitor’ or anyone else (including, but not limited to, lost profits, trading losses, loss of opportunities, and damages that may result from any inaccuracy or incompleteness of this information). To the fullest extent permitted by law, ( will not be liable to you ‘the web site reader’ or anyone else under any tort, contract, negligence, strict liability, products liability or other theory with respect to this presentation of information.

Country / Currency
Very Safe
GOLD ounces (XAU)
97 à
Gold is the oldest currency and most trusted currency of time. The lure of gold still mystifies the masses with its unique properties, elegance and lust. For the most part, gold is rare. Historically, an estimated total of only 147,000 tonnes of gold have been mined of which 33,000 tonnes are controlled by the world’s central banks and the other 114,000 tonnes are in private ownership. This total amount of gold in existence can fit into a cube measuring only 80 feet.

Some analysts have suggested that the instability within the fiat global monetary system will return gold to the forefront of the world monetary system by providing that much needed anchor of stability. From 1930-2004, the US-dollar ‘USD’ for the most part has served as reserve currency for the world with the British pound prior to the Great Depression of 1930 playing that role. Today, gold may very well be the next currency of choice for hundreds of millions of consumers. Gold is the currency of last resort that has tested the history of time, the only currency that has survived as paper fiat currencies come and go with the government of the day. Financial panics may re-occur to some monetary systems similar to what happened in Argentina three years ago when the economy and Argentine peso imploded. If the public loses complete faith in their currency and monetary system with the continuation of global debasement of many fiat currencies now a common phenomenon, gold may very well play an important currency role in the 21st century.

For further facts, figures and information regarding gold bullion ‘XAU’ and the outlook for gold as researched by, please click the gold coin below. Thank you.
UPDATED: September 10, 2004

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SILVER ounces (XAG)
95 à
After hitting a rock bottom of price in the early 1990’s, silver prices have since about doubled in value to over the 6 US-dollar ‘USD’ to 1 XAG (silver troy ounce) level. This is a far cry from the speculative frenzy of 52.50 USD an ounce back in 1980. However, many precious metal analysts believe that both silver and gold are set for a historic return in valuations.

Does the supply demand fundamentals support this argument for higher USD silver prices?

Will silver return to the global monetary system in an increased significant manner and play a more important role in the use of money?

For a discussion on the silver market including silver industrial demand applications, please click the silver coin below for further details. Thank you for reading. UPDATED: September 10, 2004

ß 29
Since the removal of the former hard-line Islamic Taliban regime spearheaded by the U.S. military in late 2001, Afghanistan has changed dramatically. There is now a new afghani currency circulating, a democratically elected President, new freedoms for many including those for women, children going to school, infrastructure rebuilding funded by foreign aid donors to name just a handful.

Conversely, over the last 4 years Afghanistan has garnered the title of becoming the world’s first ‘Narco-Economy’. The country is perhaps even more fragmented with ethnic warlords ruling much of the country outside the capital city of Kabul. The southern portion of the country is in disarray with lawlessness prevalent. And more recently, a return of an insurgency fuelling domestic violence is making things more precarious for those governing this war-torn nation.

For a snapshot review on the currency developments taking place within Afghanistan, please click the flag below. Thanks for reading.
UPDATED: June 15, 2005

63 à
Albania is nestled in a part of Europe that is prone to great instability from wars, ethnic divisions and fragile governments. On top of these inherent risks, Albania’s economy has had turbulent times as recorded in 1997 when the nation reached anarchy.

Well, what is happening now in Albania? For further information and a brief snapshot of Albania’s currency, the lek, please click the flag below. Thanks for reading.

UPDATED: November 8, 2010

65 à
Algeria located in North Africa is a member of the OPEC oil cartel. With booming oil prices, the Algerian dinar and financial position of Algeria is strengthening. However, other currency risks remain for the dinar.

Will these other currency risks offset the financial gains that are currently benefitting Algeria make the dinar a risky fiat currency?

For a quick review on the latest developments, political, economic and other issues impacting the Algerian dinar, please click the flag below. Thank you in advance.
UPDATED: February 3, 2003

AMERO *concept currency*
Mexico, United States, Canada
The ‘amero’ is a proposed concept currency that is yet not approved for circulation, but there are many rumours supporting such a concept currency to be implemented in the years ahead. is pleased to participate in this lively currency debate for the potential implementation of such an amero currency for North America.

UPDATED: December 11, 2007

ANGOLA kwanza (AOA)
41 à
For a snapshot review of the Angolan kwanza currency as presented by, please click the flag below. Thank you for reading and come back and visit often.
UPDATED: April 20, 2006


ß 51
The Argentinean peso has since stabilized since the economy melted down and the currency collapsed in years 2001-02. The 11 year peg at par (1.0) with the US-dollar (USD) also known as convertibility was abandoned in January 2002 as Argentina was forced to devalue as the economy entered a depression. Argentina has had a history of ineffective political management resulted in this devastating self-inflicted currency collapse.

Is another currency crisis on the horizon for Argentina?

For a complete review on the events taking place in Argentina and how the peso is
performing, please click the flag below. Thank you in advance.
UPDATED: March 23, 2010

ß 49
Armenia is one of the oldest societies in history dating back 2,500 years. For a great part of the 20th century, Armenia was the industrial backbone of the former Soviet Union as a satellite republic. Since the Soviet Union dissolved 25 years ago, Armenia no longer uses the Russian ruble as currency. Their new national currency, the Armenian dram is currently in circulation. How has it performed since Armenia declared independence?

The Caspian region is rich in oil wealth, is Armenia benefiting from this prosperity?

For a discussion on Armenia as presented by, please click Armenia’s flag below. Thank you for your consideration.
UPDATED: December 5, 2014

ARUBA florin Guilder (AWG)

ß 65
Aruba, Kingdom of the Netherlands has one of the highest living standards in the region as measured by GDP/Capita. This remote island paradise is located just north of Venezuela and west of the Netherlands Antilles in the southern Caribbean. Aruba’s national currency, the florin has provided this tiny nation with currency stability since its inception almost 20 years ago.

What currency risks are prevalent for such a small economy?

For a currency opinion as presented by, please click Aruba’s flag below. Thank you in advance.
UPDATED: April 11, 2005


ß 81
The Australian dollar (AUD) is now one of the world’s most popular currencies representing about 5 percent of the daily worldwide foreign exchange market. In terms of exchange valuation, the AUD has had a wide trading range reflecting its commodity based economy. In some years, it is one of the world’s strongest currencies, in others, one of the laggards amongst OECD countries. Today, the Australian dollar is trading 10 percent off of recent highs garnered in July 2007.

Why the currency exchange volatility, what happened?
What lies ahead for Australia and its currency?

For further information on Australia’s economy amongst other significant developments impacting Australia’s currency, please click the flag below. Thank you for your consideration.
UPDATED: August 23, 2007

55 à
The Azerbaijanii new manat is the official currency of Azerbaijan. For a snapshot look at the new manat, please click the flag below for some of’s research notes. Thanks for reading.
UPDATED: April 13, 2006

BAHAMAS dollar (BSD)

ß 70
The Bahamas is beautiful semi-tropical oases consisting of a 700 island archipelago located right next door the giant wealthy market off the east coast of the continental United States of America. The Bahamian economy and currency, the Bahamian dollar are directly linked to the fortunes of the US economy.

For a quick review on the latest developments in the Bahamas, please click the flag below. Thank you in advance.
UPDATED: November 16, 2011

70 à
For a brief snapshot summary on the currency developments taking place within Bahrain, please click the flag below. Thank you for your consideration.
UPDATED: April 20, 2006

43 à
For a summary review of economic statistics, currency and currency history amongst other comments regarding the Bangladeshi taka, please click the flag below. Thanks for reading and come back often to stay tuned to the latest in currency rates and global currency issues.
UPDATED: May 15, 2006

ß 45
The Barbadian dollar is a well-managed currency. Barbados located just north of northern Latin America and in the southeastern Caribbean enjoys a superb tropical climate the majority of time with the rare storm that passes by. The Barbadian dollar is quite similar to its weather, exchange stability exists day after day after day, year after year, but once in a blue moon, exchange pressures accumulate.

Exactly where in the cycle does Barbados exist now?

For a discussion on Barbados and the Barbadian dollar, please click the flag below. Thank you.
UPDATED: August 14, 2010

ß 27
During the 1990’s, very high inflation rates destroyed the value of the then trading Belarusian ruble. Now in year 2007, Belarus has benefited economically from next door Russia’s oil export boom. Will this energy windfall for Belarus continue?

For further details on this energy bonanza framework and currency developments taking place within Belarus, please click the flag below. Thanks for visiting.

UPDATED: June 4, 2007

BELIZE dollar (BZD)
ß 42
Prior to 1973, Belize was formerly known as British Honduras. This small free market economy located in Eastern Central America harboring the Caribbean basin has experienced some difficult moments since year 2000.

What currency risks are presently swirling for the Belizean dollar?

For a snapshot review and discussion on the events taking place within Belize, please click the flag below. Thank you.
UPDATED: April 11, 2005

BERMUDA dollar (BMD)
ß 75
For a brief snapshot summary including economic highlights, currency, currency history and currency forecast, please click Bermuda’s flag below. Thanks for visiting.
UPDATED: March 13, 2006

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BHUTAN ngultrum (BTN)
56 à
This Himalayan kingdom is a tiny country off the radar screen to most in the rest of the world. Bhutan with interesting traditions and spiritual values is slowly integrating to Western consumerism.

For a snapshot review of the currency developments currently impacting the Bhutanese ngultrum, please click the flag below. Thanks for stopping by and please visit us again.
UPDATED: August 7, 2007

BOLIVIA boliviano
ß 44
As a mountainous landlocked country nestled in central South America home to a population of 8.5 million, Bolivia today is anything but stable. Most recently in February 2003, thirty-three people were killed as thousands of Bolivian’s revolted against the government for a proposal to implement tax increases to counter the ballooning fiscal deficit. Bolivia’s government has since withdrawn the proposal, but managing this small country is quite a challenge. In addition to domestic tensions, the region has had great economic instability and currency crashes over the last few years.

Is the boliviano the next currency to crash in Latin America?

For a summary of the events taking place in Bolivia and how it may impact the boliviano, please click the flag below. Thank you for your consideration.
UPDATED: April 23, 2003

43 à
For a brief summary of the currency developments taking place within Bosnia and Herzegovina, please click the flag below. Feel free to come back and visit often to stay at the forefront of global currency issues as presented by UPDATED: October 17, 2006

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ß 57
For a brief snapshot currency overview with research notes taking a look at economic statistics, currency, currency history and currency forecast, please click Botswana’s flag below. Thanks for reading.
UPDATED: April 13, 2006

68 à
As South America’s premiere economy, Brazil is currently enjoying a period of solid economic growth and relative currency stability after a difficult 1980-90’s economy to when ultimately the Brazilian Real was accordingly floated in early 1999.

Historically, debt crises, banking system failures and currency crashes are quite common within Latin America. Is Brazil out of the woods?

For a complete review on the developments taking place within Brazil, please click the flag below. Thank you for your consideration.

UPDATED: June 4, 2007

BRUNEI dollar (BND)
79 à
Brunei enjoys currency soundness and stability as it currently has a very successful bi-monetary dual currency system in use with the Singapore dollar. Will this currency stability continue even if and when oil price decline in the context of Brunei’s very generous social programs?

For a snapshot review of some of the economic policies and currency developments taking place within Brunei, please click the flag below. Thank you for your consideration on reading the currency opinion as researched by

UPDATED: March 12, 2012

65 à
As a former communist country under Soviet rule during the cold war, Bulgaria like many other transition countries is on its way to developing a relatively free open market economy.

How is it doing? Has the transition of economic philosophies been a smooth or rocky road for Bulgaria since 1991?

What lies ahead for the lev?

For a quick review on the currency developments that are taking place within Bulgaria, please click the flag below. Thank you for reading the currency opinion as presented by
UPDATED: May 16, 2005

ß 35
For a brief overview of the currency developments taking place with Burundi, please click Burundi’s flag below. Thank you.
UPDATED: March 18, 2006

CAMBODIA new riel
Cambodia is located in a region of Asia where new rising economic Asian tigers are prevalent, what lies ahead for Cambodia? Is Cambodia successfully playing catch-up and realizing an economic spillover affect?

What about Cambodia’s currency, the new riel?

For a brief summary discussion on Cambodia, please click the flag below.
Thank you.
UPDATED: March 16, 2015

CANADA dollar (CAD)
85 à
Since year 2002, the global economy has experienced a commodity boom. In the world of currencies, the Canadian dollar (CAD) benefited tremendously with a stellar currency exchange performance in relation to the United States dollar (USD). But what about the CAD performance against the Euroland euro (EUR) and the British pound (GBP)? How stellar a performance by the CAD?

For a complete detailed discussion on the currency developments taking place for Canada as presented by, please click the flag below. Thanks for reading.
UPDATED: June 14, 2007

DISCLAIMER (‘BI.C’) is NOT liable for any incorrect, mistaken forecasts or inaccurate statements about a particular country’s currency. The content provided to all of our web site visitors is put forward in good faith and believed to be accurate as there are no implicit guarantees of the timeliness or accuracy of information presented. Our views and opinions are that of BI.C and are subject to change at anytime. It is important to note that our rating of ‘Currency Safeness’ (score ‘0’ - poor to 100 - very safe/sound) is based upon a subjective analysis of several variables inputted into our currency regression model analyzed by BI.C staff. Our rating does NOT forecast if a currency is undervalued or overvalued, but rather it is an overall subjective opinion on how safe BI.C believes the particular currency under review is from a significant devaluation or currency collapse. Currency evaluation is a very subjective profession based upon analyzing many objective and subjective variables. BI.C does regularly consult with banking professionals and industry analysts along with our own extensive research strategies to help make an accurate evaluation on a particular region/country or currency at a particular point in time. The BI.C web site reader accepts by using this web site, the reader will not hold responsible or liable for decisions based on information from this web site. BI.C suggests that before making a decision, the reader ascertains numerous opinions from other independent sources

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