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If you seek counsel on establishing a banking relationship outside of the United States and/or Switzerland banking regions, please send us your request via email. Please describe in detail the type of account and area of jurisdiction that interests you. Each banking enquiry is a case by case basis, we will let you know if it is something that we are able to facilitate and/or point you in the right direction to other firms who maybe be able to assist.

Bank Introduction Services -

If you are interested in establishing a bank account, a banking relationship, other financial services, then please send us an email to the following address with a description of your request:


Each individual and/or business has their own specific banking requirements. Here at, we will be delighted to assist you with bank recommendations, bank introduction services and/or names/contact info of other financial intermediaries who can help to facilitate your request.

These services are fee determined and each situation will be quoted a ‘USD’ consulting fee based on the complexity of the request. Our firm is dedicated to pointing you to sound, reputable global banks and other financial institutions and/or other intermediaries, financial conduits.

Bank Accounts, Business Accounts, Online / Internet Accounts, Credit / Debit Cards, Gold Accounts, Annuities, Investments, Trusts, etc.

CURRENCY CONSULTING SERVICES: currency opinions, currency research

Send us here at a request at:



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